Pool entrance/ adults                        5€

Pool entrance/ children                     3€


Pool entrance is without a time limit and free of charge for guests being accommodated!


Finnish Sauna                                     5€/30min

Jacuzzi                                                5€/30min

Massage armchair                            3,50€/15min


Back massage                                    10€/30min

Legs massage                                    10€/30min

Whole body massage                        20€/60min

Sport massage                                   10€/30min

Anti-cellulite massage                       10€/30min

Reflexology massage                         10€/30min

Honey-detox massage                       10€/30min




Discount wellness packs



1. Plus pack includes:


Sauna/30min, Jacuzzi/30min, Massage/20min, Pool entrance, Relax in the Restroom


18€/ 90min


2. Standard pack includes: 


Sauna/30min, Jacuzzi/30min, Massage armchair/15min, Pool entrance, Relax in the Restroom


15€/ 90min



All prices are stated per one person

All seasons relaxation available …

 another options everytime…